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The Science of Physiognomy (Face Reading) Theoretical & Practical [English]

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The Science of Physiognomy (Face Reading) Theoretical & Practical [English] by

John Spon  

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   The popular idea of Physiognomy rests mainly on observation of the features of the face alone, and the character delineations consist mostly of the barest generalizations without any methodical or scientific basis, so that it is not surprising that the subject as generally presented has met with but slight credence or acceptance among st the intelligent public. Without a knowledge of the underlying laws and principles that govern all organized beings including man, and the meaning of the principles of form, it is impossible to delineate character correctly. It is like trying to analyse and describe some substance or liquid, without a knowledge of chemistry and physics. The human body and face are a development resulting from the operation of internal forces which determine the ultimate shape or form. To delineate character correctly, therefore, we must know what these forces are, how they work and the nature of the laws that govern them. To understand the wonderful mechanism of the mind we are obliged to comprehend something of scientific law and to base our observations upon the analyses of all the sciences ; to try to under-stand the harmonious interactions and relationships of parts of the body to the whole, so that we can trace the origin and development of the organs of the body and thus come to under-stand the harmonious interaction of function and faculty, and how the mental characteristics have been developed and become manifested in the features of the face. To master thoroughly the meaning and apply the knowledge inhering in the "Five Organ-Systems", described in Chapter III, and the theory of physical functions and mental faculties and their signs in the face described in Chapter V of this work, is to really understand the foundations of character and to have an immediate insight into the principal capacities, powers and inclinations of the individual. The laws, principles, and conclusions set forth in this work are incontrovertible, and lay down a definite method of character study that is both practical and reliable, which can be studied and acquired by the student with the proper aptitude, as is the case with all other professions. Observation and reflection, added to a love of truth and a candid mind, are all that are needed for this study.