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Palmistry the Complete Guide with Handwriting Analysis and Body Mole Effects [English]

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Palmistry the Complete Guide with Handwriting Analysis and Body Mole Effects [English] by

BN Panda (Biswanath Panda)

Publisher: Ajay Book Service

The highlight of the book is 81 Illustrations. There has never been conceived or made by man-any instrument, machine, or contrivance, capable of such a diversity of usefulness as the human hand. Nothing has ever existed with such infinite adaptability to various needs, or capable of being trained to such degrees of dexterity and versatility. Nor is it likely that as perfect a machine will ever be produced by human skill, for the only thing the human hand cannot do is to create an instrument as perfect as itself. There is no possible question but that the fineness or coarseness of a human hand indicates whether it can better coarse work, nor is there a doubt but that other markings on it show for what lines of work it is best adapted. The delicate hand of a lady cannot perform the same hard labor as the large, strong hand of a blacksmith, nor can the blacksmith do the fine embroidery so deftly wrought by the lady's hand. Neither has the blacksmith's brain the little Embroideries of the mind. His brain'is of heavier construction, hers more delicately built. His hand, like his brain, is heavy: her hand is fine like her brain. Never was there a hand that did not exactly reflect the brain that directs it, and this is the basis from which a scientific study of the hand must begin. To get at the secrets of the mind embodies the effort toward which scientific hand-reading aspires, for mind is the guiding force in life. Upon that hypothesis are based the teachings of this book.