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Handreading - A Study of Character and Personality [English]

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Handreading - A Study of Character and Personality [English] by

MN Laffan

Publisher: Ajay Book Service

List Of Illustrations

  • 1.     Hand of a girl twelve years old.
  • 2.     The same hand fourteen years later, showing changed position of               reason line and improved instinct .
  • 3.     Diagram showing parts of the palm which represent instinct and                  imagination : also the position of the line of clairvoyance and the                lines  of influence and the phalanges of the thumb
  • 4.     Hand of active type with strong instinct line and a line of initiative
  • 5.     Hand of elementary type
  • 6.     Hand of idealistic type with strong line of reason
  • 7.     Hand with good intuition line for business affairs: also political ability
  • 8      Hand of painter with strong imagination and artistic talent
  • 9      Hand of artist with creative intuition  

       10.     The same hand a year later showing improved personality line and                        creative power.

        11.     Hand  with clear lines of fate and personality, dates are indicated by                    points

  1.        Hand showing the lines of Health, of Marriage, of sensitiveness, and           the mystic cross