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Encyclopedia of Astrology -100 Examples [English]

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Encyclopedia of Astrology -100 Examples [English] by

William Lilly

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THE ART OF CALCULATING NATIVITIES MADE PLAIN AND EASY A Nativity, or Geniture, is the very moment of birth, or precise time of a child's coming into the world, and in which he is made a visible member of the creation. In this moment it is that the stars begin to act and operate their influence upon the new born infant, by the power of intervention of those angels who rule and govern the constellations then level with the horizon, or that ascend upon the horoscope, according to that saying of St. Jerome, in his comment upon the eighteenth chapter of St. Matthew, where he says, great is the dignity of for every one at their first coming into the world, have an angel appointed for their custody and safety. And as it is from configurations that we are enabled to point out the incidents of the native's future life, so is it absolutely necessary that the vary instant of birth should be well and minutely ascertained, in order to arrive at correctness and certainty in these speculations. It must be obvious to every one that the celestial bodies are in perpetual motion, and therefore every quarter of an hour must considerably vary their position; as does also different parallels from any one given point of the heavens ; and hence it is that the latitude, as well as the true time of birth, becomes so absolutely necessary in calculating, or bringing up the directions of a nativity. By knowing the place of birth, the latitude is easily ascertained; but to determine the precise time of a native's emerging from the womb, is a circumstance that has been always found difficult and precarious ; not only on account of the inattention of nurses and midwives to this most interesting event, but also by reason of the difference and uncertainty of almost all clocks, watches and dials, in reference to the Sun. Wherefore the ancient professors of this art, to remove the errors in the common or estimate time of birth, have contrived several ways of rectifying a nativity ; and have given such rules for this purpose, that the true time of birth may be.thereby correctly ascertained. This rectification may be effected in three different ways ; first, by the Trutinam Hermetis, or Trutine of Hermes; secondly, by the Animodar of Ptolomy; and thirdly, by the natural accidents of the native. These three methods I shall explain fully, when I come to treat of the rectifications of nativities; suffice it here to say, that the method mostly in use, and which is found liable to the least error, particularly in the genitures of grown persons, is that of rectifying by such accidents as might have befallen them during their past life.