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Character Reading From the Face [English]

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Character Reading From the Face [English] BY

Grace- A. Rees

Publisher: Ajay Book Service

The value of character reading to the advisers in our employment exchanges, to doctors and teachers, to personnel managers, business men and commercial travelers in their daily work. Such people frequently have to make instant decisions and what a boon it would be to them. It has always been my view that a judgment on sight, by one experienced in the art, is more likely to be right than all the intelligence or other tests devised. People with the ability to assess character intuitively do exist and arc often found among business leaders. They are not always right, but with the experienced, the degree of error is probably under one per cent. In the recent war our service departments were slow to realize that men with this quality or gift were available but I understand use was made of them in the latter stages of the war. Those who use physiognomy must remember to make due allowance for what might be termed the freak of human nature, that one person in a hundred, whom no one can assess. Mainly, however, and I think rightly at this stage in our knowledge of the subject, this book will be used by those who enjoy the subject as a hobby. I say rightly because without vast experience of dealing with people, making snap judgments and checking their result in the light of experience, there cannot be proficiency. After years of trial and possibly error, those who succeed in their study can almost invariably define accurately the minute details of the subject's life, not only as to the past but as to future behavior in any set of circumstances.