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Prasnanushtana Paddhathi [English]

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The present treatise called Prasnanushthana Paddhati or simply Anushthana Paddhati in short, is one of the most popular work on horary astrology from Kerala since several hundreds of years. It is inferred that this treatise might have been written between 14th and 17th century CE.

Prashnanushthana Paddhati, among the astrological works of Kerala dealing with the Phalita Jyotisha branch, the treatise is neither too brief nor too elaborate, is complete in itself. Its adherents swear on its amazing efficacy, which is evident by its popularity among the astrologer community of Kerala. Some even consider Prasnanushthana Paddhati as superior to Prasna Marga.

This translation of the Prasnanushtana Paddhathi comprises the rendition of the Sanskrit text and edited with meaning in English. A detailed content provides an excellent insight into the intricacies of the Prasna, as practiced by the Astrological community for the day to day prediction of events in the life of the native.

The jewel of the text is the practice of pariharas as depicted in Prasna Marga and other texts.