Research On Reincarnation (Nandi Nadi Series) [English]
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Research On Reincarnation (Nandi Nadi Series) [English]

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Research On Reincarnation (Nandi Nadi Series) [English] By K Guru Rajesh

Publisher: BigNote Publication

Is reincarnation true? Is there any continuity of consciousness even after the death of a being? What do the world religions say about reincarnation? What are the opinions of the wise about this concept? What does modern science say about reincarnation? These are the common questions that would appear in the mind of any thoughtful person.

This book is an attempt to look at reincarnation in the light of Jyotisha, the Hindu science of astrology. Jyotisha, as a Vedanga, is not meant for mere fortune telling but for guiding mankind in their evolution towards perfection and final emancipation. Through this book I have shared the results and insights of my research on the topic of reincarnation using Naadi Jyotisha principles and actual case studies.

This book is an attempt to touch the intangible. This is a pioneering and ‘one of its kind’ of work in the sphere of combining the wisdom of Jyotisha with the findings of modern research on reincarnation, and in attempting to demonstrate the power of Jyotisha in revealing the past and future lives of people.