Jataka Sara Sangraha [English]
Jataka Sara Sangraha [English]
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Jataka Sara Sangraha [English]

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Jataka Sara Sangraha [English] By

K Guru Rajesh

Publisher: BigNote Publications

Jaimini system is a highly practical method which helps its practitioners to reach quick conclusions regarding the events and their timing in the life of a native. The rules are simple and straight forward and the Dasa durations can be calculated easily in mind. Jataka Sara Sangraha is a unique work in this branch of Jyotisha where the author ingeniously presents his material in a logical fashion drawing from the Jaimini Sutras and Vruddha Karikas. For the first time in the literature of Jaimini astrology the author explains the application of all the Ayurdasas by giving a single example Horoscope. This is one of the rare works where numerous Ayurdasas and Phalita Dasas are explained in detail. The treatise is divided into three Parichchedas or chapters. The first chapter deals with the methods of longevity determination of a native and explains the Ayurdasas which help to predict the time of death of the native and his relatives like parents, siblings, spouse and so on. The second chapter deals with different Phalita Dasas which help to predict the timing of various events in a native’s life. The final and third chapter explains many Yogas. Jataka Sara Sangraha is a must for anyone who wants to grasp the nuances of Jaimini System and gain mastery over the subject.