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Zen - Yoga a Creative Psychotherapy to Self Integration [English]

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The erudite works of Dr. Saher on Zen-Yoga and allied subjects, are now known to thousands. Many books have been written on the various aspects of Yoga, so that its basic techniques are known all the world over.

It is with the greatest pleasure, therefore, that I now write a Foreword to Dr. Saher's new work "ZEN-YOGA", as i t is quite unique, giving knowledge and instruction which, to the best of my knowledge, is hitherto unpublished.

The basis of this new book, Dr. Saher tells me, is a manu-script in Sanskrit which he obtained from India, and its particular value lies in the depth and detail with which this new material has been studied and presented.

Dr. Saher is to be congratulated, not only for his skilful translation from the Sanskrit, but also for the clarity with which he has applied this to western needs and western minds.

Much has been written in the past regarding the psycho-somatic effects of Pranayama and Asanas, but in his text, Dr. Saher explains clearly the mechanism by which brain and mind operate in conjunction with bodily functions, emotions and psychic experience, and also how these may be controlled and applied for our betterment.

He also shows how specific areas of the brain control similar areas of mind, how these can be applied to Self-analysis, and by means of exercises also given in the text, so control both mind and body, that Self-Realisation is possible in the highest sense, and that even before this stage is reached, Health, Harmony and Serenity will be attained, surely to be prized for themselves alone.

For those who are already students of Yoga Dr. Saher has opened new avenues of thought, new areas of knowledge which allow the student to move into Yoga in greater depth and with greater understanding.


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