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Your Destiny in Thumb [English]

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We may observe the Chakra (wheel) generally, in all hands: but the concept of the wheel raised in the mind several types of the same, namely – the wheel of the cart, the potter’s wheel, the wheel of the charakha, the Vishnu, the Sree, the Siva Chakras and the Chakra of the nine planets (Navagraha Chakra) etc. Hence, it becomes important to decide which chakra denotes the coming in of riches. It may be borne in mind that when the wheel of the cart is broken, the cart cannot move along. But if the journey is undertaken, it is possible that some unexpected accident or trouble may arise in the middle. Hence, a close examination of the shape of the chakra becomes necessary. Even so, it is equally vital to examine how the Matsya, lotus, temple, palanquin and wheat lines have been formed by the confluence (meeting) of certain lines in particular planetary positions. The knowledge gleaned from a close study of the famous ‘Nadi Granthas’ (the entire future of mankind is nadi, Ravana Samhita, suka Nadi and the assistance of Pandits have been tested and verified over innumerable hands and after arriving at the real truth I have described the same together with real thumb impressions. The source books are in Sanskrit,Tamil and Pali languages. The Ravi, Nandi and Suka Nadies reveal from each of the symbols of the palm – the exact dates of birth and the tale of previous of an individual. But, the Tamil book –Ravana Samhita exhibits the Janma lagana amd even the entire history of an individual on the basis of the mysterious signs on the thumb alone.