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Yogis Destiny and the Wheel of Time [English]

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Yogis Destiny and the wheel of Time

This is book about some of  the hundreds of great Yogis of India the author has met during a period of over fifty five years.

Some of those Yogis are not more with us.

Fortunately, some of these Yogis mentioned in the book are still there.

Yogis can be saffron – clad.

Yogis may be walking next to you on a street in India. Hundreds of them conceal their identity. They are not publicised or glamourised.

But the message of the book is that anyone can evolve into a yogi a if a yogic life is led; if one can wait patiently for ecstacies  to spring from fires.

Those who think that they  can become Yogis overnight are deluding themselves.

Those who  think they cannot become Yogis should understand that they can, if they give to themselves the opportunity to evolve Yogically . such opportunities are available all the time and in all circumstances.

But then there are the positive and negative aspects of Destiny which the yogi can see through his supernormal  power instantly and some Hindu astrologers through the vast techniques employed by them.

But when will that yogi development take place? There is that wheel of time whose mysterious gyrations the Hindu astrologers understand.

This book also deals with Hindu astrology and spirituality, here and there.