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Yogaarnava- Yogas In Indian Astrology (English)
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Yogaarnava - Yogas in Indian Astrology [English]

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  • Publisher: CBH
  • ISBN: KAB0452


This book is compilation of Yogas that are specific planetary combination, identifiable in any horoscope, which are deemed to have the special power and capacity of bringing forth some explicit results, good or bad. They are found in abundance and lie scattered by mention, in the various astrological texts of yore. Through technically any conjunction of planets can go under the classification of yoga, the ancient astrological treatises have identified some of the select ones as something special and categorized them under explicit nomenclatures that are suggestive of their precise attributes. They can function as preferential tools in adjudging the prospects or assessment of potency in any horoscope. The terse language used in texts in the interpretation of the results of yogas if applied literally, in individual horoscopes can often drive one to defective or never disastrous conclusions.

Successful prediction, for any horoscope, may depend partly on the correct interpretations of any Yoga, found in it. Eveluating Yoga is in itself, an elaborate process. This book is aimed to aid the right technique of interpretation of yogas, rather than their enumeration, innovative in intention and investigative in insight, the book leads the reader through the labyrinths of varied versions, contentious conciliatory and conflicting among themselves to arrive at a compatible conclusion.