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Yoga and Ayurveda - Self Healing and Self Realization [English]

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Excerpts from reviews’s :

"Once again. Dr. David Frawley demonstrates his ability to make timeless  wisdom relevant for the modern person. His new hook illustrates why consider David to be a true Rishi -a knower of reality. Yoga and Ayurveda should be in the library of every serious student of Yoga and Vedic knowledge." DR. DEPPAK ( CHOPRA)

"Yoga and Ayurveda impels, guides and teaches us how to connect our earthy physicality with our soulful aspirations, in the process teaching us the inner art of controlling our subtle energies.... Hinduism Today endorses Yoga and Ayurveda and knows that it will further the on-going Hindu renaissance by virtue of the lucid, well explained teaching that it contains." HINDUISM TODAY

'Through a skillful exploration of the inner dimensions of these two great sister sciences, Dr. David Frawley has performed a wonderful service to anyone seeking to restore wholeness in body, mind and spirit.' PANDIT RAJMANI TIGUNAIT (Spiritual Director of the Himalayan Institute)

 'This book highlights the close connection between Yoga and Ayurveda

-Homeopathy for all, Vol. 3, No. 15. March 2001

 This book provides the most comprehensive knowledge to any one-neo-phyte or wel-versed in these topics who is sincerely in quest for finding important keys and meaningful guidance fora better life." Vedic Astrology, Vol. 4, No. 4, July-Aug 2000

 This book is yet another book which needs to he read, understood and honestly practiced by each world citizen on this Planet Earth... Millions of copies of this book should be published in all the languages of the world so that each and every human on our planet earth can make use of this great knowledge." DR. J.N. PURI, National Hearld 22nd April, 2000

Yoga and Ayurveda both have their roots in Vedic science, the book is best understood in a Vedic context. Albeit lengthy and repetitive at times, a must buy for the devoted admirers of the Vedic ways of life.- DIBYENDU MUKHERJEE, The Life Positive, Vol. 5. No. 1, April 2000 ,  


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