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Yoga - An Easy Approach [English]

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Yoga is an art — of how to live one's life. Our ancestors attained expertise in this art and lived their lives in a wholesome way. They enlightened our path for smooth progress and happy life. This unique wisdom of Yoga is not confined to any particular time, place, caste or creed, age or gender. Its application and values are universal.

The benefits are almost guaranteed, based on the feedback given by those who were inducted into the Yoga practice through simple Kriyas, during innumerable camps, held at various places all over India and abroad. Even chronic medical problems such as backache, indigestion, arthritis, headache, etc., which could hardly be treated under the modern medical system, were partly or fully cured by regular Yoga practice. Wherever you are and in whatever condition you are, you can uplift yourself by regularly practicing Yoga and enjoy health, happiness and prosperity.

The book is simple to understand and serves as a basic guide and manual on Yoga for everyone interested, with a bonus on understanding the values of life amalgamating the mind with the body. It lives up to its name in being a gentle endeavor. Dr. U. Singh Professor and Head Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, AIIMS The author has very ably combined the knowledge of Yoga with the practice of Yoga and deserves a lot of appreciation for his hard work and knowledge in this field. 


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