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Whats Your Sun Sign [English]

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`What's your sun sign?'—a conversation starter, an ice-breaker, a guessing game or just genuine curiosity that can draw strangers together. Four words that get heard a million times, each time, sounding just as exciting! Dig deeper, and it's a statement that mirrors our underlying desire to know more about the other person and allows as the thrill of entering a mystical zone—of people's behaviours and relationships. This witty book, without any astrological clutter, is your perfect companion to understanding your friends, family, professional associates and more importantly, yourself You will be amazed to see how we can touch hearts, build relationships and connect with people when we speak to them about them!

Apart from being a keen observer of human behaviour since 1986, from which stems this fun book, Chelan D. Narain is also a DJ and enjoys playing music for friends, family and himself. He lives in Mumbai and is a certified valuer, property and finance consultant by profession. He was a columnist with The Times of India between 2005-09.