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Vaastu the Art & Science of Living [English]

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Vaastu Shaastra is the art and science of living a happy and contented long life. In the modern day world of high speed technology, many diseases are arising out of faulty lifestyles. Classical principles of Vaastu Shaastra describe the ancient way of living which need modifications in the present-day context. The present book Unfolding the Veil of *stet), — Vaastu: The Art & Science of Living is an intelligent amalgamation of the ancient practice of Vaastu living and modern technologies of house building and architecture. It offers an introduction to Vaastu Shaastra, systematising and standardising its techniques and methodologies. The book has been divided into three sections. The first section has been devoted to the understanding of the key concepts, principles and forces of Vaastu that exert an influence on any given space. The second section of the book reveals how to create heaven on earth; right in your home. It shows how we can achieve internal peace by first achieving external peace in the house. The third section is related to the day-to-day use of Vaastu. One chapter has been devoted to Vaastu of workplace which, in many aspects, is different from residential Vaastu. This book has been written according to the established principles of Vedic Astrology; an inevitable part of Vaastu Shaastra. The effect of the nine planets is considered in Astrology while mainly the effect of planet earth is taken in Vaastu. Astrology depends on dashas (Planetary Periods) while Vaastu depends on dishas (Directions), Jyotish assumes the existence of Kaal Purush (Time Personified) while Vaastu assumes the existence of Vaastu Purush (Space Personified). The present book incorporates current knowledge of building science to explain the ancient wisdom of Vaastu Shaastra only to bridge the gap between ancient traditions and modern way of thinking. No attempt has been made to transgress into the other parallel systems known as Feng Shui and Pyramidology, which require totally separate study. The work is meant primarily for those who want to learn Vaastu from the very beginning and pursue it seriously in a scientific manner. The book will also serve as a stepping stone for those who intend to indulge in hitherto unexplored areas of Vaastu Shaastra like suitability of certain directions for certain activities, hidden meanings of Vaastu Punish; forty-five demi gods; ten dikpalas; three energies and Panchmahabhootas, predicting the fate of a house and its inhabitants through Vaastu kala, etc. 

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