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Varga Chakra (English)
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Varga Chakra (English)

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Divisional Charts

 Divisional charts' are the keys to understanding horoscopes as they unlock that hidden door which refuses to open, even after the astrologer has examined the entire spectrum of variables for analyzing a bhava. So once a bhava has been put under the gaze, and its rashi and the planets housing it and aspecting it, its lord and its dispositor, its strengths and its Navamsa, its arudha padas and special lagnas, its karakas and yogas, argala and drishtis, have all been inspected from every possible angle, and yet clarity is not achieved, divisional charts come to the fore to dispel the clouds of obscurity. Kalyana Varma has said that without divisional charts, one cannot take a step forward in astrology'. It illuminates a bhava where darkness prevails and enables the astrologer to examine bhava specific queries in its minutest detail.