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Utopia and Anarchy [English]

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There are many books of astrology in the market but none of them are exclusively devoted to the detailed adumbration of astrological properties of the planets. Students have been missing the philosophical side of the planets and the signs of the Zodiac since long and this book is going to bridge the same gulf bequeathing immense satisfaction to those who have been longing to have such detailed dissertation and feeling frustrated for the non-availability of the same. This book is devoted to the seven planets of the Zodiac and the lunar nodes used by the brilliant Vedic seers as planets. The various facets of each planet has been delineated here in ample lucidity. The approach adopted in explaining the planetary attributes are certainly away from the orthodox cannon but the conclusions are concomitant with the traditional astrology. This book has been written to desquamate the shrouding integuments and veiling procedures in prognostication while touching the higher human reaches concealed in each individual. It is a book developed from the point of consciousness and esoteric imports of the planets and is only one of its type. Never before such a grand exposition of deeper characteristics of the planets in respect to their influence on human personality was furnished anywhere.