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Travel Within - the 7 Steps to Wisdom & Inner Peace [English]

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Travel Within: 7 Steps to Wisdom and Inner Peace is a spiritual self-help book written to appeal both to dreamers and doubters. A near-death experience triggered a change in me that led to these steps, but they're supported by research in science, religion and philosophy. "TRAVEL WITHIN" was ghost-written by Dave Cunningham, original script by Jamshid Hosseini.

About the Author: Jamshid A"JimA" Hosseini has been rich and poor, Persian and American, Hindu and Buddhist, alive and dead. He practiced Baha'i Faith in Iran and was beaten by Muslims for it. He begged for his food in India, lived on a hill overlooking a king's palace in Iran and toiled for a monk in Kathmandu. He took counsel from the famous Rajneesh in Pune and built his own successful business in California. He was nearly killed twice during the Iran-Iraq war, and, to conquer fear of death, he was asked by his master in India to drink cobra venom tea so that he would die. He did it. (And survived.)TRAVEL WITHIN was ghost-written by Dave Cunningham, author and/or editor of seven non-fiction books and novels. He's an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in magazines and newspapers worldwide. Cunningham's inspirational novel, A"Messages,A" was released in 2001, and he taught creative writing for the California State University, Fullerton, Extended Education program.