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Timing of Events Using Eclipses [English]

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Prabodhji has beautifully woven the effects and timing of events from eclipses. I had always heard that when you have 3 or more eclipses in quick succession, it portends evil for the country or the king or rulers in that year. Prabodhji has very immaculately deciphered the nature of the event, the location of the event and the timing of the event almost accurately to the day. His use of the various Chakras like SBC, Sanghatta, Kota brings out the nuances in understanding the various effects of an eclipse. Prabodhji has clearly depicted that the eclipse acts a seed to blossom into various events which can be calculated precisely to the day. I was astonished to find that the seeds sown matures into full blown events -both favourable and unfavourable over several years and not just in immediate future. Prabhodhji has used the Outer planets extensively in his analysis and illustrated that the outer planets play a very major and crucial role. It is evident that the combinations present at the time of an eclipse portend a series of events which one can predict and verify for oneself. Prabodhji has taken the main combinations to elucidate the main events.