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The Secret of Sabarimala Temple and Kundalini [English]

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What is the reason women of menstruation age are not allowed at Sabarimala? Do the customs and traditions set by rishis of ancient India have a scientific basis? Why did ancient rishis and saints start the practice of not allowing menstruating women to meet saints and visit temples during their cycles? The book discusses the following questions - What is the Kundalini Shakti? How does this spiritual evolutionary power aid the evolution of mankind? What are siddhis, Self  Realisation and Enlightenment? Was Shiva an Alien? What is the role of the coming Kalki avatar? The astral and causal bodies of man. The limits of logic. This book provides a first-person perspective into what the Kundalini Shakti is and how it manifests in each individual. While modern scientists experiment with matter, ancient rishis were also considered scientists whose area of expertise was the human mind and soul. The knowledge they divined was compiled into various texts namely the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and Epics. In this book the author brings a fresh perspective to the Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas along with his unique views and opinions about how ancient rishis had written down valuable information in the texts for the benefit of mankind. It talks about the severe efforts taken by various contemporary philosophers and spiritual gurus to unravel the multitude of mysteries contained in these texts. This book also reveals the existence of deities or Devas and Devis on divine planes of higher vibratory levels, the rituals and customs in various Shakti cults and temples and thoughts on esoteric Hinduism.