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The Sacred Indian Tarot Cards [English]

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The Sacred Indian Tarot is a unique deck of 22 Major Arcana cards combining the Rider Waite symbolism with the wisdom of Indian philosophy. Based on the strong Hindu belief of karma as a regenerative process of consciousness, this original Indian deck takes you through the archetypal 'journey of life’ symbolised by the Major Arcana cards. Each of these cards symbolises an aspect of human experience that is universal and consistent.

Suitable for beginners and experts, the book provides an exhaustive guide on how to use the tarot complete with an Indian interpretation of each card. The 22 cards of the Major Arcana are considered the heart of a tarot deck and essentially deal with the profound issues of one's life. These exquisitely crafted Indian cards provide a unique perspective to Tarot lovers interested in the wisdom of Indian philosophy.

The book breaks new ground in tarot divination making it a wonderful tool for self-quest and can be used to gain a refreshing insight into love and relationships, finances, career planning, and much more. Learn how to use the cards to foretell the future, to explore pour inner mind, and to develop your power of intuition.