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The Principles of Palmistry (A Dependable Self Instructor) (2 Volume set) [English]

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The Principles of PALMISTRY


Man is the most complete creation of God on our planet Earth, has been blessed by the discriminating curious mind, so he developed various methods of delineating the future. Some men adopt the astrological methods while others study the hands for the purpose. Also there is the science of omens to predict the immediate course of events. Most of such methods have evolved through the incomplete conscious mind of man, therefore chances of error are always there. Human hand is the most natural gift having direct link with the human subconscious mind, the store house that controls and delineates the past, present and future of a man. This work "The Principles of Palmistry" is a sincere effort for easing out the study Palmistry. The perfection in hand reading comes through clear cut comprehension of the laws of hand reading, concentration of mind and a comparative study of various signs and formations on the hand. The present work has two parts. The first part deals with the makeup of hand, which to a great extent speaks about one's mental and physical characteristics, disease propensities and occupational probabilities. The second part deals with the study of lines, the prophetic aspect of the hand called Cheiromancy which is largely dependent on the frame work provided by Cheirognomy. The hand prints included in the volume will facilitate the reader to comprehend the principles distinctively.