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The Mystery of Adhana Kundli (Prenatal Chart) [English]

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The moon’s revolution around the earth represents a menstrual cycle and 15th day in the day of new moon which represents new life, or conception. Ovulation period lasts 24 hours which is the same as the duration for which the moon transits a single nakshatra. If the sexual encounter occurs within the ovulation period and the woman ends up conceiving then the fusion of the ovum with sperm happens within 48 hours which is the duration of the moon transiting a single rashi.”

This quote from the author is not merely imagination but the hidden truth behind the process of conception, which is now proved in this research. Astrology is neither a miracle, imagination nor is it superstition. It is a scientific study of heavenly bodies and what these bodies indicate about an event. You will appreciate upon reading this book how strong the bonds are between celestial bodies and the happenings on earth.