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The Modern Textbook of Astrology [English]

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This book is written after many years of astrological practice, during which a system of teaching has been built up.

The experience of contact with successive classes of students who have tried to teach themselves from books has shown that, while all can theorise on the planets, the signs and the houses, few can be systematic in their lay-out of work preparatory to a lucid and comprehensive interpretation of a natal chart, or arrange for an over-all survey of several years of a life, so as to indicate its trends.

With the aim of improving and facilitating the work of those who wish to use astrology either as their main or their subsidiary profession, or to use it as an interest-ing spare-time occupation, more detailed teaching and more examples of work done in actual practice have been given than has been customary in text-books of the past.

Experience of partly-taught students has also brought to light the fact that few have any understanding of either the astronomical or historical backgrounds of their study. Therefore a change in presentation has been made in that much in-formation about both of these has been included in chapters on working methods to which they are relative.

It has been found that a teaching period should be divided into an informatory and theoretical part, and a practical part, the student thus remembering the un-accustomed facts more easily because they are relevant to the work done.

By such tuition, taken either in class or in home study, it is hoped that the notion that " learning astrology " consists of the immediate acquisition of a frag-mentary idea of chart construction and an unrelated series of delineations of factors will be completely eradicated from the minds of modern students.

Such knowledge is only part of a great whole, which should be the steadily accumulated store of the properly grounded and informed student.