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The Magic of Faith [English]

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The Magic Of Faith

Oftentimes as you attempt something new, doubt comes into your mind. This represents the impingement in your mind of the race belief in failure, lack, and limitation. You must cremate, burn up, and destroy that negative thought immediately. You must not suffer a witch to live: meaning you must supplant the negative feeling with the positive thoughts of success, peace, and prosperity immediately and give your love and feeling to these concepts. As you sustain this mood of confidence, you will become victorious. Doubt and fear hold men in bondage of sickness and failure. These false concepts cause you to vacillate, waver, equivocate and hesitate to go ahead. The way to overcome is to increase your faith and awareness of your deep, spiritual potencies. Be like peter: he succeeded, because he went forward: he had faith and confidence, knowing he would succeed.......

You have faith that the sun will rise tomorrow. you have faith that the seed you deposited in the ground will grow. The electrician has faith that electricity will respond to his proper use of it. A scientist has as idea for an ediphone: he proceeds to bring it to pass by having faith in the execution of the invisible idea. Opportunity always knocks at your door. The desire for health, harmony, peace, wealth and prosperity is knocking at your door now.