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The Hindu Philosophy of Sin, Salvation & Karma [English]

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The Hindu Philosophy Of SIN, SALVATION & KARMA

The essence of Hindu Philosophy is that you are the master of your destiny. In your every day life. you are beset with temptations which may lead you astray. If your determination for progress to salvation or blending with eternity is steadfast. you can achieve it through your karma. This book is an indepth study of some of the factors that can lead to this state. What actions we may perform. with what intentions and mindsets. what results we may expect and how and when. where the ultimate goal and destination lay are some of the Issues elaborated in this easy to read book. Besides traditional Hindu Philosophy which forms the essence of the Vedas. Upanishads and Tantra. this book also contains insights which throw new scientific light on some ancient Hindu beliefs. The objective is to demonstrate their relevance in today's world. Dr. Ranjit Kumar Sanyal is the descendant of a family of philosophers and saints. He is a medical pharmacologist by profession. He has been the Chief Editor of several medical books and leading medical journals. His childhood interest in Hindu philosophy has spurred him to study it throughout his life. The medical background equips him with scientific vision that brings new insights to traditional beliefs and establishes their relevance in the contemporary world. It is his beliefs that Hinduism. specially Vedantic philosophy. is one of the highest form of religious thought that humans have ever achieved.