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The Fundamentals of Varshphal

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The Fundamentals of Varshphal by

Deepak Kapoor books

Publisher :  Vinita Kapoor Publishers

Deepak Kapoor is a world-renowned veteran astrologer known for his pointed astrological insight. He believes that astrology is meant to guide at every step in life. He has been a very popular teacher of astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan New Delhi for over 25 years.

About this book:
 A book that explains the fundaments of varshphal and takes you to the level of advanced predictive techniques in a step-by-step manner. The versatility of the subject is amazing. Many research-based concepts are added that shows the knowledge of varshphal in a new light. The revival of any knowledge undergoes various stages. Astrological classics can show the path but modern perspective gives it a definite direction. The ups and downs of Abraham Lincoln's life are elaborately covered in this book through his various varsh charts. This book will enhance the interest in varshphal and also encourage further research, leading to a better understanding of the subject..