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The Drekkana [English]

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Divisional charts the unique gift of Hindu Sages and Rishts are not only being taught but are increasingly being used in teaching and research at the largest astrology teaching centre in the world.

Drekkana – the one- third division of rashi is an important divisional chart. Maharishi Prashar has assigned a vimshopak Bala points to this chart, the Natal chart gets 6 and the navamsha get 5, in the 20 point allocated to the Shadvargas. It is also important to mention that Maharshi Prashar decreed that all predictions be given after analyzing the Shadvargas.

This exhaustive treatise on Drekkana has been laid out in two parts. In section -1 the treatise covers all the available data on the Drekkana as given in the classics

The treatise in the next step deals with the Drekkana lordships, the 36 drekkanas and their “ Swaroop “  (decription of the imagined pictorial identity).

The attempt has been made to collect all  the details about this Divisional chart in one place.