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The Divine Romance [English]

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This book has to be on the wish list of anyone who wants to understand spiritual discourses without getting overwhelmed with language and concepts, as i have read in some other books on spirituality. The book is written in everyday language and some of the concepts are explained with such simplicity that it leaves one awe-struck. The book beautifully makes us question ourselves about whether the goals we pursue in life are actually worthwhile goals. 'Autobiography of a Yogi' was the first book i read from this author and it continues to be a favourite of mine, i however felt that some stories in Autobiography might be difficult to believe for some. 'The Divine Romance' on the other hand is an easier book to understand and believe. P.S.: Autobiography of Yogi continues to be a big favourite for me, for handing it to friends/acquaintances who want to learn about spirituality. --By Darpan on 30 December 2013, on Amazon India

This book has been dedicated to all the souls who are aware of their deep love for God, the infinite spirit of whom we are part of. This book churns are love for true self the infinite spirit God. --By Vivek on 24 February 2014, on Amazon India

To be with the Divine power is something gr8! This book , the second part of the talks and lectures is beyond words Pranaams to Guruji. --By Book Lover on 10 December 2013, on Amazon India