The Comprehensive History of Psychology [English]
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The Comprehensive History of Psychology [English]

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In preparing seventh edition of 'The Comprehensive History of Psychology', an attempt has been made to broaden and update the basic concepts and theories. I have also kept in view the suggestions of my colleagues and students of different parts of the country. These colleagues and students have taken pains to read carefully the different portions of the previous edition and have sent their enlightened suggestions for improvement. Although it has not been possible for me to incorporate their all types of suggestions into the book, I have tried to honour them maximally. Keeping in view their suggestions, 'Major Events in Psychology' and 'Glossary' have been added and updated in this book. I must express my deepest sense of gratitude to all of them. For understanding about psychological development taking place at the international level, a chapter on International Psychology has been added. Views of Indian psychology have been duly elaborated so that its contributions could be better understood.