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The Book of Nakshatras [English]

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It is common knowledge that the 12 star-signs map the sky and set the stage for the drama of life. This book expands this awareness manifold by revealing that it is the 27 constellations, and not the 12 signs, which truly map the ecliptic and provide the celestial backdrop for affairs on earth. Instead of taking away from the widely recognized meanings and significations of the 12 signs, they enrich them with a whole new depth of perspective and interpretation.

These 27 cosmic transmitters were known to most ancients across the globe, as the celestial quarters of the gods. Their knowledge, however, has been most well preserved in the Vedic heritage of India, where they are known as Nakshatras. In addition to containing a 23 pronged dissection of these celestial portals, this work contains 27 colored picture images that capture the functionings of these constellations in a way that words cannot. It is our hope that you will enjoy this cosmic journey as much as we have enjoyed making it available to you.