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The Body Moles Influence & Effect
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The Body Moles Influence & Effect [English]

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Moles must have read in many Astrology books that moles are found on different parts of that body and as mentioned can be referred in slokas ii-25, iv-6, vi-5 of sanketanidhi but the reader is buffled further as to that results of such moles as it is not available in the text books of astrology.

The moles by different signs, which are mentioned in the body and on the part of  the body indicates zodiacal sign by which the person is being dominated. These are found since birth but it is observed also moles appear and disappear throughout the lifetime on the movement of the planet and the stars. Thus change their size and colour, which indicates change of fortune. Darker the colour indicates great disappointment whereas light colour indicates good fortune. A mole, which raised like a wart is a good sign according to the position of the body. Generally it is  said that moles are auspicious. A tit or a gleam when turns to red colour. It is significations of best fortune wherever they occur.

Generally more than 12 moles are benefic on a body, but moles upto 73 is visible on the body also (very rare).

I conclude here along with the horoscope, palm, sole, face, carriage, physiognomy moles should also be tallied while giving any prediction to a person.