The Art of Matching Charts [English]
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The Art of Matching Charts [English]

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This book is a complete and comprehensive guide to the intricate art of matching charts. For the first time ever, the book tells you what actually constitutes matching of charts and how to go about it. It shows you how to avoid charts that show marriage breakdown due to : Premature death • Severe incompatibility • Mental and psychological aberrations • Loss of spouse • infidelity. It contains examples front the author's case studies on : Good • Poor Matching • Dosha-ridden Matching • Dosha-free Matching. It also answers questions on all that you ever wanted to know about matching of charts.

GAYATR0I DEVI VASUDEV, editor The Astrological Magazine, has worked for 27 years with its Founder Editor Dr. B.V. Raman until his death in 1998 in his mission to bring astrology into the comity of sciences. She continues his mission and has been national vice president of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences founded by Dr. B.V. Raman in 1989. She has authored many books on astrology that include Clues to Interpreting Charts, The Art of Matching Charts, Practical Astrology and How to judge a Horoscope (2 Vols.). She has edited Astrology and the Hoax of "Scientific Temper", Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes, Astrology : Vastu and Architecture, Dr. B.V. Haman : The Man and His Mission, etc.