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Text Book For Shadbala (Grahas) And Bhav Bala - English
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Text Book for Shadbala (Grahas) and Bhav Bala [English]

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  • Publisher: BPESVS
  • ISBN: KAB0836

Shri V.P Jain MA (Maths) was born at Rewari (Haryana) on 31st August 1931, in a respectable Aggarwal family. He retired as Audit officer from Indian Audit and Accounts Department. He passed the examinations Clyotisha Praveena' and Clyotiha Wsharada from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences and is senior faculty member of 1CAS. He has authored another book 'Text book for shad bala & Bhava Balas He represented Delhi state in National Chess Championships many times and is a National Arbiter of Chess. He is a ly'e member of Delhi Chess Association for 10 years. He was Vice~President of Delhi Chess Association and also Vice-President of All India Chess Federation. He was manager of Indian team represented by Grand Master Wshwanthan Anand in 1986 at 'Okham 'in England.