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Telepsychics: Tapping Your Hidden Subconscious Powers [English]

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Telepsychics is a logical and scientific method that works to fulfil your deepest desires, in this book, Dr. Murphy teaches you how to discover and use telepsychics powers , the extraordinary psychic powers that everyone possesses, that can transform your life in ways that you never thought possible.

Telepsychics – tapping your Hidden subconscious power teaches you special techniques for using the amazing powers within you to meet and overcome the challenges, difficulties, trials and  other obstacles experienced in daily life. Every chapter of this book has simple and practical techniques and easy to do programs that enable you to lead a full and happy life.

Among many other things, this book will teach you how to hone your extrasensory powers  and intuition, visualize future events and altering them if they are negative, decipher answers hidden in dreams and visions, automatic writing that reveals future events etc.

Actual case histories demonstrate how people have benefited from using innate telepsychic powers to their advantage.