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Tajik Neelkanthi [English]

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Complete text in Sanskrit English translation, notes and exhaustive commentary with practical example Horoscopes.

Daivajna Neelkantha first time introduced the concept of progressed horoscope called the varshaphala or the annual chart based on sound astrological  principles. The concept of sahams and the unique system of Dasas within a smallier period of a year are some of the most important contributions of the Acharya. While the natal astrology gives us a general outline of life of the native the Varshaphala gives detail of the events that may occur during each year.

Tajik Neelkantha integrates the Arabic thought in the vedic Astrological principles. This has also proved to be a good treatise on horary astrology. The system of application of aspects in the form of 16 well known yogas is an added service to astrology. The work, in fact is not only a classic of the first order but also a scripture in the own right. We need not only its translation in our language but also well conceived commentary by a renowned Astrologer, useful to the neophytes but also to the accomplished astrologer.