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Sthree Jathaka [English]

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Core subject of this Book is matching horoscopes for a happy married life. This is done by Comparing Doshas and matching the Nakshatras. In this book the Author has discussed the Stree Jataka in respect of their longevity, health, wealth, education, profession, appearance, physique, character,family, relationships, friends etc. Similar aspects of the husband also have been discussed with reference to the Kalathra Sthana (or 7th House) of the female horoscope. The type of marriage the native will have whether it will be love-marriage, registered marriage, inter-cast or inter- religion marriage or conventional arranged marriage have also been discussed.  Matching is discussed in Chapter 9, based on ten types of agreements corresponding to the Nakshatras of the female and the male. The importance of each of the agreement also has been brought out which, astrologers normally do not mention. The marriage is not only to get life-partner but also to have good children. In Chapter 10, the method of choosing auspicious time is discussed for the union of husband and wife so that good children are born. The last chapter details the progeny of the family, with analysis of different horoscopes in particular. To facilitate this matching a Ready Reckoned Table is given in the Appendix.
Dr. R  Natarajan, is a scientist, retired  from  Defence Research and Development Organization  (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, Government of India,  as Director  of Centre for Aeronautical Systems Studies and Analyses, at Bangalore in  the year 1994. His research papers are published in reputed journals abroad and in India.   This  present work is an outcome of the author’s continuous research and efforts. .