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Stellar Astrology and Events in Life (Based on Krishnamurthy Padhathi) [English]

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In the Introductory chapters, a short introduction about the characteristics of Planets, Signs, Houses, etc. from the point of view of Stellar astrology as used used in Krishnamurthi Paddhathi has been intro-duced. Based on Stellar astrology, the author has tried to cover  important events of life, alongwith the variations in such events and has made this book exhaustive, for the benefit of the readers,  astrologers and students of Astrology.  In this book, illustrations have been given in the form of Case studies with the help of the horoscopes of the natives, whose horoscopes, the author has extensively analysed with natal charts, cuspal charts, planetary configuration etc, and predictions have been more accurately made.  Each case study has been deeply analysed and predictive analysis and the reasoning for the predictions have been fully ilustrated. The analysis of the case studies are in itself very educating and they can be used to analyse similar situations and reach correct analysis and prediction.  These horoscopes portray the different aspects or events in life which every astrologer comes across during day to day consultations. This book, in your hand - which contains formula and methodology with different tables - is inevitable in making accurate predictions, in pinpointing events, even by the medical profession. It is a must, for all astrologers and public in general.

Dr.M.N.Muley, A retired Gazetted Medical Offrcer, Maharashtra State, is a  professional astrologer. The author is practicing Astrology  especially Stellar astrology, better known as Krishnamurti paddhati, advocated  by Late K.S. Krishnamurty since the year 1993. He is having the degree of Nakshatra Jotish Ratna (K.P. System) and honoured with the  title  of “Bharat Jotish Bhaskar” acquiring gold medal by Jotish Vidyapeeth, Zarkhand. He is honoured with the title of “Jotish Alankar” bythe World Astrological Institute and Jotish Kaustubha” by Krishnamurty Vigyan Mandal, Mumbai, and the title of Jotish Bhaskar by Jotish Parriwar Mandal, Mumbai.   He is a life Member of, International Society for Astro Science Consciousness (Regd.), Maharashtra Jotish Parishad (Regd.),and World Astrological Institute.