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Sripati Paddhati [English]

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Sripati Paddhati Edited with Sanskrit Text and English commentary by V Surahmanya Sastri is a monumental work. The extensive notes with necessary explanatory tables are very much the core of the book.

Jatakakarma Paddati came to treated as a separate branch of Astrological study and extensive commentaries were later developed based on Sripati paddhati.

This Crisp work expounds the Fundamentals at arriving a good Horoscope and the Method to working out the horoscopes being equipped for the task.

The Author Sripati Expounds the thorough study of the existing authoritatve works on Astrology and the basis for arriving at a good horoscope. Starting with the calculation for the correct birth time, The correct placement of Planets in the horoscope, The Bhavas, The aspects of Planets, The dasas, and other relevant details necessary for the Horoscopes are extracted. The Calculational aspects of all horoscopic details are very well explained.

The book contains valuable and precise methods to analyse a Horoscope. Sripati Paddati has been considered as the core fundamental for the astrological calculations and the concepts are presented with notes and tables in a detailed manner.

To enhance the facility of study and reference, the notes on each sloka is given after the translation of the verse itself. The explanations have been made fuller and comprehensive.

The Present edition should enable the learner to comprehend fully the Jatakakarma paddati and arive at a good horoscope. An Essential book for every one who wishes to learn astrology in a systematic manner.