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Soul Mate Astrology [English]

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SOUL MATE ASTROLOGY begins where Linda Goodman’s LOVE SIGNS ends. Any magazine can tell you which sun signs match up--Pisces and Scorpio is an ideal match--but how about when a Pisces falls for a Sagittarius, or worse, an Aries? All is not lost. In this ground-breaking book, best-selling author and astrologer Trish MacGregor not only reveals the compatibilities of your sun sign, she uses the nodes of the moon to divulge: • the hidden compatibilities between you and your lover • the secrets of your past love lives • who you’re attracted to vs. who you should be attracted to • how you relate to each other in your relationship • the strengths and challenges of your relationship • how you can evolve as a couple while still fulfilling your own respective individual potentials With Soul Mate Astrology, you’ll learn everything you need to know about you and your love life, so you can truly live happily ever after with a little help from the heavens!