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Siddharth Upanishad [English]

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Siddharth Upanishad [English] By

Osho Siddhartha

Publisher: Oshodhara

 Sadguru Osho Siddartha ji, when in Oshodhara Nanak Dham at Murthai, meets the seekers and devotees in ‘Darshan Darbar’ every Monday and Thursday form 2: 15 pm to 3.00 p. In this much awaited meeting, discussion ensues, questions are answered, recollections are shared and songs and bhajans resound the Asharam. Sometimes the questions are asked by the devotees, at other times Sadguru himself poses questions begins a very interesting deliberation. Sadguru calls this discussion a ‘Forum’. A topic can be understood only 25 percent if it is addressed through a lecture; however, a  ‘Forum style discussions’ is interactive and clears myriad doubts of a seeker’s mind. In the spiritual parlance. We can call a lecture as ‘ thinking’ (chintan) and a forum style discussion as ‘contemplation’ (Manan). Sadguru elaborates- “ Thinking is based on knowledge; whereas, contemplation is based on experience. In Vedanta, Listening (Master’s teaching), contemplation and Experience are considered as three stages of Realization (Gyan).


These important clues for spiritual practice, given by Sadguru himself, are published from time to time under the column ‘ Siddhartha Upanishad’ in ‘Osho Today, the monthly magazine of Oshodhara. These were earlier published in a book following a great demand from the devotees. Now, its English transliteration very ably rendered by Swami Chaitanya Ravi is being published form in this book.