School of Numerology [English]
School of Numerology [English]
School of Numerology [English]
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School of Numerology [English]

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School of Numerology [English] By 

N Srinivasan Shastry

Publisher: Sagar Publications

Numbers are very essential on all events of the universe. Each number from 1 to 9 is a cosmic code with its own characteristics, qualities, good and bad effects. This book of Numerology is the result of 35 years of experience of the author to help the people who have no time and inclination for laborious calculations. It will give the reader answers for any question with the help of a few basic requirements like time & date of birth. It also helps readers to know any person's character, nature, attitude, and relationships, harmful effects etc. The knowledge of numbers can be utilized in many ways, for getting rewarding result in day to day affairs or avoiding fatal incidents. This book is simple and scientific, and with a little dedication any reader can master the techniques of numerology. In addition to these you can also find many unknown information's of a person's profession, spouse, family, nature of spouse when you go through the significations of the months.