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Saturn Friend & Guide [English]

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Normally a person can be judged by his appearance and action. we apply the same method for the study of Saturn we shall be highly mistaken. No doubt Saturn has his own inherent characteristics but unfortunately, his actions are elusive. They do not appear to correspond to his characteristics and we are dumbfounded in their interpretation. He is a congenital liar, to say the least about him. He is adept at disguises. It is hard to say where and in which mask he appears at any particular type, He may be moving in society but he may never be less alone when alone. A show of his least disinterestedness may have his greatest involvement in the affairs. It is on account of such a nature that any study of the planet can hardly be described as comprehensive. In the first chapter titled as introducing some of the most general comments have been offered about Saturn.

In the second chapter, I have taken a systematic study of Saturn. Here I have tried to analyze the symbol, mythology, scriptures, and astrology, etc. and also the principles of evolution. The chapter ends with a summary and an analytical synthesis that we find in them.

The third chapter deals with Saturn in various signs of the zodiac. These signs have broadly been divided into four classes namely the Fiery, Earthy, Airy and Watery.