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Saturn a Friend Or Foe [English]

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  Saturn A Friend Or Foe

Saturn has been painted as a dark devil stretching his hands to catch hold of the people and put them in the net for years to suffer isolation. During my 20 years as an earnest seeker of the truths of Astrology, Palmistry, and numerology, I have not met a single soul who has painted a rosy picture of Saturn. While making a general remark, astrologers fail to consider the benefit side of the planet dubiously rendering a soul of high potency into force all dark and spiritless. Saturn is a best friend when one heeds his advice, one is benefited. But those who pay no heed to his advice, he uses his whip since Saturn is "Stern School Master" of Oliver Goldsmith. He wants reformations, changes and good effects, whatever process he may have to pass. In the sign Libra, the Saturn does not allow a hair's breadth. He will whip a man. If he is making a slight mistake even since Saturn is after perfection. In the sign Capricorn, which he owns, there are gains of patience and perseverance. Saturn causes delays to perfect, to make things appear as pure God in their intrinsic nature, Saturn is unlike a school Master who can play truant to his teaching work and he is also like that schoolmaster who makes students to stay extra hours in their Schools to make the best prepared for their examinations. In the Ascendant Libra and Taurus where Saturn is a Yogkaraka, Saturn lifts a native to genuine heights. The present book is written to shed light on all the aspects of Saturn. At present, there is no book on SATURN devoted exclusively to this planet.