Saravali (2 Volume Set) [English]
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Saravali (2 Volume Set) [English]

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Saravali in English by Kalyan Verma (2 Volume Set)
A shining but never setting star in the astral skies- originally enunciated by the king astrologer, kalyana verma. Even though a king by birth, he felt the utmost need to become familiar with the fascination of unfolding stellar secrets. The results : saravali
This voluminous work is divided into 55 chapters, each devoting to various delicate aspects of astrology. Every requirement of the student is bome in mind by the author and the text thus, among other things, deals with effects of planetary states at birth, mutual significators, various developments of embryo in the womb of the mother, birth of twins etc., dispositions of planets to cause and counter act evils, a number of raja yogas bestowing high status, combinations lowering a native, female horoscopy, planetary conjuctions, effects of a planet remaining, in various signs aspected by another planet, effects of various houses in aspect to the planets, planetary periods, roles of decanates etc..
Kalyana verma filled this work with the essence of the teachings of various and ancient masters. His greatness is proved by the fact that bhattotpala (the illustrious commentator of illustrious varaha mishra) vaidyanatha of jataka parijata. Mantreswara of phala deepika and others acknowledged their reliance on saravali.