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Ruling Planets & Krishnamurti Padhdhati [English]

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These Ruling Planets act as the guides and assist in timing the event almost exactly. When applied to the Natal Chart, the Ruling Planets will agree fully with the Dasa, Bhukti and Antara periods in operation. Prof. KSK also stated that the Ruling Planets at the moment of consultation, agree with the planets ruling at the birth time of the native or the Dasa and Bhuktis. It is correct to state that the Ruling Planets constitute the key to successful prediction. The Ruling Planets offer strength to the minds of Astrologers to attempt any intricate problem put to them, as this system will help an astrologer to predict events to the day and hour. These RPs are to be used to fix the date of realization of a particular matter of a consultant, without resorting to horoscopy or horary; but using that particular moment of time to calculate these RPs, and under this system, the astrologer arrives at amazing results. With the help of these RPs, before a consultant presents the chart, you can tell Rasi, birth star or even the birth Lagna. Duly explaining how to work these Ruling Planets and the system of using them, various well-worked out examples are included in this book