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Role of Nakshtras in Astrology [English]

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The stars or Nakshtras have fascinated most of us during our childhood. During hurly-burly of adulthood, they seemed to be put in background, but come back to centre stage again once we settle down in life and concept of Almighty/ destiny dawns on us. Nakshtras are said to be the abodes into which the fruits of our past labour or Karma is transferred and stored. Thus, Nakshtras distribute the outgrowth of Karma according to the theory of cause and effect. We should look more and more into them and try and identify ourselves with our own Nakshtra to understand ourselves and people around us better. The deity, nature, working style, caste, sex, Yoni, Gunas, Tatwa, Tridosh, body parts, lord of Nakshtra and its Pada, Muhurats, longevity, profession, diseases/ health, marriage, children & relationships and remedial measures for afflicted/ ill placed Nakshtra are unique for each individual and his Nakshtra. This book takes us through a sojourn of cosmic path of 27 Nakshtras. The author hopes this journey is interesting, knowledgeable and satisfying.