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Roga-Marga An Un Ique Approach To Ayurvedic Practice Vol-1
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Roga -Marga An Un Ique Approach to Ayurvedic Practice (Volume 1) [English]

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The subject Roga-Marga indicates the relationship between different tissues and organs in a unique way morbid state of dosa (toxins) motivates in a specific way with specific affinity towards the selected tissues and organs. This concept is traced in ancient Ayurvedic books; this is an objective approach of ancient scientists helping for the clinical practice. The subject is vast but it is traced in short. Present day students cannot study and learn the vast subject in a time bound period. So I have made an attempt to highlight its importance in clinical practice. Some of the important Sanskrit shloka are presented in picture forms. This book highlights the summaries of research works based on the concept.

This book will help the students, Ayurvedic practitioners and clinical Ayurvedic researches.