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Remedial Vaastu For Homes
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Remedial Vaastu for Homes [English]

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Remedial Vaastu For Homes

The science of vaastu aims at bridging the gap between the individual and the unlimited reservoirs of cosmic energy. Remedial Vaastu for Homes can be a direct tool to familiarise the reader with the basics of Vedic Vaastushastra, especially in the case  of houses built according to the dictums of modern architecture. Accompanied with suitable pictures, charts and maps, the book offers a detailed description of some common Vaastu faults and how to rectify them. The book also draws links and correlations between vaastushastra and other ancient Indian sciences like yoga and astrology to offer a better understanding of cosmic energy in its various forms. Most importantly, it helps in transforming voids and negative energy into life- enhancing positive energy.